Ductwork Installation Services London

When it comes to a building or remodelling project, duct installation must be one of the first things you think about.  When laid properly, ducting will alert future excavations to the presence of a cable, and will allow replacement or additional cables to be installed quite easily.

Services like electricity, water, gas, internet and phone lines can all be buried underground so it’s essential that they are protected.

Why Use Duct Installation?

If ductwork is installed correctly, it works as for many domestic applications, these include power feeds to a shed, garage, outside office or even a  garden feature.

Installation of ducting by professionals will no doubt save you time and money. As with all excavations into unknown ground, we will check for any possible hazards that may be found prior to digging.

Over many years, pipes and cables are subject to weathering, so burying them in a protective duct will slow this process. It will also stop any pipework from causing any damage as it it minimizes the risk to humans and animals by limiting the chance that any cables will be purposefully or accidentally touched.

If you do find exposed ducting please do not touch it without expert advice. You can visually inspect for fraying, obvious cracks or breakages, disruption in connections and any thinning of material but please do get in touch with us if you feel any damage has been caused or needs to assessed.

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