2021 Decking Trends

With the demise of 2020 (thank the Gods) and the rise of 2021 comes a whole host of new outdoor trends that homeowners and outdoor designers will be keen to implement into their planned outdoor designs. If you have an outdoor space, you’ll want to make the most of it this year – especially with the never-ending lockdowns.

At JU Contractors we love keeping on top of all things modern in the construction world (that includes decking!) and bringing them to you. So, here we bring the decking trends that we think will take over 2021!

Creative deck designs

Creative outdoor designs were something that really picked up throughout 2020. This was definitely the case with some outstanding outdoor plans being brought to life. This is something we fully expect to continue moving into 2021 with creativity becoming the game. A few of the creative deck design features that we expect to make a return throughout 2021 include:

  • Varying boards widths
  • Single and double picture frames
  • Multiple board colours
  • Breaker boards
  • Unique inlays
  • Quirky Shapes
  • Making the most of nature

Can’t go out to beautiful green spaces? 2021 is going to be all about making the best of what we’ve got!

nature decking

Deck lighting

A real staple in the deck design world, lighting continues to be an element of any modern deck design.

More people and families are staying put throughout 2021, your deck will become a place where you can spend time outside. Adding deck lights allows you and your family to continue enjoying your outdoor space even when the sun has set. Get creative when choosing where to install them!

deck lighting

Covered decks

The final 2021 decking trend that we think will take off is covered decks! As people move away from seeing their garden as a separate space to an integral part of their home, we are sure covered decks will become a more popular garden feature (especially because of the unpredictable UK weather).

With a plethora of cover options to choose from, including awnings, verandas and pergolas, there really is no excuse to not consider adding some deck cover next year. Not only does it provide essential shelter when the weather does decide to change up (as it often does), but it also brings a striking element to your garden. Also with suitable cover, you are able to bring your inside outside and create a proper all-year-round outdoor space!

Let’s get started planning your project

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