Site Clearance and Preparation

Preparing the Land

Site clearance contractors can be required for a broad range of clearance and disposal activities including earthworks, soil levelling, rubble removal and sometimes even building demolition.

Projects we have worked on have varied from the preparation of land for construction to clearance of overgrown or obstructed land.

Site clearance requires a range of skills and access to the right machinery to clear land quickly, efficiently and safely. J U Contractors offers different packages for a range of services.

Land Clearance and Site Clearance

Although the services here are somewhat similar it’s worth understanding the basic differences when choosing a contractor.

Site clearance is usually centred around preparing land for the construction of buildings. It may involve not only the removal of vegetation, the levelling and landscaping of soil but also the demolition of existing buildings and disposal of rubbish.

Land clearance, on the other hand, usually means removal of natural foliage, the uprooting of trees and shrubs, filling in hollows. Often the result is a completely bare area of flat land ready for development.

Both services require a certain level of expertise and experience from the workforce as well as heavy machinery that may include diggers, excavators, bulldozers, tipper trucks and dumpers.

Preparing the Ground

An official assessment and initial appraisal is vital to any site clearance contract. Clearing land will involve a range of services; an expert assessment of what is required can save time and money before the clearance work even gets underway.

Site clearance is a major undertaking, especially if buildings need to be demolished or hazardous materials removed from the site. Good planning along with a thorough knowledge of relevant health and safety legislation helps us to guarantee a professional result.

Site clearance involves the use of heavy machinery in a hazardous environment so health and safety regulations are paramount. They must be adhered to at all times to ensure both the workforce and other site personnel are protected.

You can contact us for further information on all of our site clearance and preparation services, or to inquire about site clearance for your project.